The G20 meeting – democracy at work

Fredagen den 14 juli hade vi en gäst från Tyskland. Hans namn är Andreas, han är medlem i DKP Stuttgart, det tyska kommunistpartiet, och talade om G20-mötet. Han förklarade vad G20 är och rapporterade om resultaten i år.
Han pratade också om protesterna, liksom polisens repression och attacker mot protesterna.
Programmet sändes på engelska.

On Friday, the 14th July, we had a guest from Germany. His name is Andreas, he is member of the German Communist Party (DKP) in Stuttgart and spoke about the G20 meeting. He explained, what G20 is, and reported about the results this year.
He also talked about the protests, as well as the repression and attacks of the police against the protests.
At the G20 meeting, we were able to see democracy at work. It was also shown at the way of handling with the journalists: Over 32 journalist were briefly informed that they are not allowed to approach the G20 meeting, although they got a permission before.